Electrostatic Playground

UX design, software engineering

In summer 2016, I worked in the Fluid Interfaces group of the MIT Media Lab, in conjunction with Scott Greenwald and John Belcher, to create a system for learning electromagnetics in virtual reality. I prototyped and developed Electrostatic Playground, in Unity, for HTC Vive. It uses real-time physics simulations and networking, so multiple people can experiment with particles together.

There are now several developers building on the base of Electrostatic Playground, and we're working with multiple physics professors at MIT to see how we can integrate it into their courses.

Room-scale virtual reality opens up exciting new possibilities for exploratory learning. Phenomena that otherwise cannot be experienced directly (e.g. subjects that are microscopic, remote, or dangerous) can be transformed into environments that are immersive, interactive and social. Electrostatic Playground is a VR physics lab where multiple users can explore and discover principles of electrostatics through experimentation.