about me


My name is Gabe, and I'm a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying computer science with a minor in design. I describe myself as a programmer, artist and interaction designer. Right now, I’m trying to push my work in the direction of exploring and exposing the malleability of human experience. I strive to create beautiful and intimate moments for people through the things I make.

This past summer, I worked as a user experience engineer intern at Google Daydream. I previously interned as a UX designer/prototyper at Magic Leap, did research on teaching physics in virtual reality at the MIT Media Lab, and worked with experimental fabrication techniques at Nervous System (project writeup linked here).

At this moment, I’m probably blowing glass at the MIT Glass Lab, watching videos of goo, or forcing my friends to do a table read of a neural net-generated Seinfeld episode.

send me an email at gabef@mit.edu or fields37@gmail.com